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He is the world’s best ragtime and boogie woogie pianist. The Library of  Congress

has designated him a national treasure and he is named a musical ambassador by

the US Department of State. TR fans who have seen his earlier two appearances

agree that he is simply awesome and have asked for his return. A Michigan native,

Milne has played for dignitaries all over the world including several US Presidents;

but on this night, once again, we will be the special audience to enjoy his talents

and stories.

20  DAVE AND DAPHNE have many fans here from their earlier appearances and look                            forward to sharing their classic country show with us once again. Dave Salyer was lead

guitarist for Barbara Mandrell for more than ten years and Daphne Anderson sang with

Bill Gaither gospel groups. Together, they are awesome entertainers who filled 600 seats

in Busch Hall and received standing ovations. We look forward to their return.  


3 THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ELVIS with Tommy O shares Elvis’s vocal origins in

the gospel music of the stamps and the Blackwoods. Enjoy this memory filled trip into

the music that reflected and inspired Elvis’s style and fame. The show includes songs

of message, inspiration and fun that were sung by Elvis as well as telling little known

facts and anecdotes about him

17  FRANCO CORSO and ANNA MARIA are international Italian romantic crossover

vocalists who now make south Florida home and are among the President’s favorite

entertainers  appearing frequently for special events at Mar-a-lago. They will sing both

separately and as a duo during an evening full of classic romantic vocals in the styles

of Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.   

MARCH 2021

3   PAUL TODD AND PAUL TODD JR are famous for their unique concerts which

are totally different from anything you may have seen before. Paul accompanies

himself by playing six keyboards simultaneously. His fingers and feet move at 

lightening fast speed, which the audience can see on a large mirror set up behind

the keyboards. His concerts include original, classical, popular, Christian and

Broadway selections. Paul travels with his son, Paul Todd Jr., who is a gifted singer,

songwriter, and percussionist.                        

​17 KENNY HESS AND HIS BAND present “The Songs That Wrote Country Music” which

will take us on a memory filled performance of classic country music. Touring since the age

of 15, this Saskatchewan born guitarist/vocalist has been singing the songs of such greats

as Charlie Pride, Merle Haggard, and Don Williams for many years. A prolific songwriter

with one of Nashville’s most prominent publishing houses. Kenny is also an entertainers

entertainer blessed with a huge voice and great presence with  his audience. You don’t want

to miss this special appearance.



  JIMMY TRAVIS is an acclaimed humorist and songwriter from Nashville who has                              appeared  previously for our Concert Series and each time I am asked to please bring                              him back again. Jimmy is a master storyteller and an accomplished musician who                                    never resorts to off color topics or profanity to get a laugh.  In fact, he is the recipient                               of the Jimmy Durante Award for outstanding achievement in the field of family                                       entertainment.  Enjoy!      

19  GOTTA DANCE will take you on a song and dance journey through highlights of                                 five of the most loved movie performers of all time - Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, Frank                            Sinatra, Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly. The program will include selections from some                            of the most memorable films in history including Cheek to Cheek, For Me and My Gal,                            Guys and Dolls, On The Town, An American in Paris, and Singin in the Rain. This                                    talented troupe will have you singing and dancing all the way home.



internationally touring show honoring the music of Karen and Richard Carpenter.                              Appearing primarily at expensive performing arts centers and in Branson, their                                       performance  here will be our Annual Spectacular treat featuring Michelle Brett,                                      back  up singers and a full live band.  (Annual Spectacular)

16  ANOTHER WALK DOWN BROADWAY. This cast of professional Tampa Bay  area professional

entertainers was much enjoyed when they previously appeared on our stage.  We’ve asked them

back with an entirely different program of  Broadway  musical favorites.


2    SCOTT WOODSis a Canadian National Fiddle champion and one of our favorite                                              Entertainers who tours with his troupe throughout the Canadian provinces as well as                                            internationally. Scott’s performances are outstanding and one never knows  what musical                                    surprises are in store when The Scott Woods Show returns to TR.

16   CAHAL DUNNE, our favorite Irish entertainer, returns once more to gift us with  his vocal 

and piano artistry and his wonderful stories. Cahal’s Thank You America  program can still  be 

seen occasionally on PBS but he’s even better leading his tours of Ireland which many of our

TR residents have enjoyed, or when performing on our stage on the evening  before St. Patrick’s Day .

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